question and answer 16

Please answer the following questions with references no older than 5 years old

Question 1

With filtered resources, the literature on a topic has already been searched to provide the best answer to a clinical question or practice issue. Choose all the appropriate means that experts have:

Question 1 options:

located all the available evidence they could find on a topic from individual studies and reports

analyzed the validity and reliability of the studies to determine whether each study should be included

summarized the findings from the available research to present the dat

summarized the conclusions and recommendations for clinical questions and nursing practice based on the best available evidence

Question 2

Which of the following online evidence sources is most likely to provide preappraised evidence?

Question 2 options:




The Cochrane Library

Question 3

Which of the following sources of evidence would be the best evidence to use to suggest a clinical practice change?

Question 3 options:

A well-designed randomized controlled trial

A systematic review that encompasses multiple studies

Expert opinion of experienced and educated nurses

A case study that addresses a similar clinical situation

Question 4

Which of the following is the sequence in which you should use a database?

Question 4 options:

Limit dates of papers; print out full text papers; read abstracts; enter search terms

Print out papers; read abstracts; limited dates; determine search terms

Determine search terms; enter terms into database; limit dates of papers; read abstracts; print out full text papers

Read abstracts; limit dates of papers; determine search terms; print out full text papers

Question 5

The most appropriate professional to assist with a structured search would be:

Question 5 options:





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