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1) Police officers face many types of problems ranging from someone that stole a loaf of bread to active shootings in schools or in neighborhoods. When discussing about excessive force there is many things we as officers could be talking about. To name a few, body slamming suspects that are resisting arrest, suspects aiming a gun at officers (suicide by cop) forcing officers to shot the suspect and or using tasers. When discussing about excessive force there are at least three tiers to determine the amount of force used. First tier maybe be pepper spray, second tier taser, and last tier is considered-deadly force like a gun or Assault Rifle . Officers have discretion on what type of tier ( excessive force) is necessary depending on the call. Majority for the time officers don’t draw their guns and they only use tasers throughout their years on the force, but in some cases like an active shooter would require officers to resort to deadly force if the suspect/ suspects is not complying with verbal commands. Even when officers use the right type of tier during an situation, officers are frowned upon, which would lead internal affairs to further investigate the situation to determine if the right amount of force was necessary.

2) When talking about senior management officers I think about officers that have been on the force for many amount of years and have years of experienced dealing with unnecessary police violence and or excessive force. Senior management officers may have a back up plan at the time when the situation arises to not use deadly and or excessive force and resort to a lower level tier to not kill and or put the suspect in critical condition at the hospital. Back up plans may include bean bag gun, pepper bullet guns, and many more. The above types of equipment may not be deadly available to officer, but may be available upon request for situations that truly need it.


There are numerous ways to combat police violence/excessive force, the first being, an early warning system. With an early warning system, senior management officers could identify officers who are known as problematic in the community, and correct the performance before it becomes dangerous. Teaching and identifying these officers early on would allow them to get the correct training, and furthermore save the lives and well beings of the officer and citizens in the community. Second, the use of force continuum should be equal for each individual, not just based on race. Often times the media has shown an African American man being arrested but either killed, and brutally battered during the procedures. There will also be a case where a white man is literally running away from police man or attacking them and the man is more gently tackled down to the ground or tased instead of shot. The use of force continuum is when an officer does not use anymore force than needed during an arrest, and I believe that this should continue but with a different approach (Ross). Next, teaching ethics to police officers as apart of their training would help them better interact and understand the communities that they are working in. I believe that community members would show more respect to police officers if they knew the procedures that they were using is just to keep the public safe. Police officers do a numerous amount for our communities and it is important that we know that their actions are in the best interest of the public. Lastly, integrity officers would assist in the promotion of accountability and a decline in corruption. An integrity officer should be assigned to each precinct to investigate corruption cases, as well as maintain an orderly and ethical police department.


Ross, J. I., PhD. (2012). Policing Issues. Baltimore, MA: Jones and Bartlett.

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