country report outline

You will be responsible for writing a report on a country. Compiling a country dossier is standard practice for geographers who are area specialists.


As per the syllabus instructions on the country dossier, you will be responsible for writing about a country’s domestic or foreign conflict, dispute, or other issue of your choosing and my approval. You are free to choose a country and must get approval from me. However, there are a few ground rules for the selection of your country:

  1. You cannot choose the United States.
  2. If you decide to choose a territory, then you must provide justification why you want to write about that location. If you are unsure whether a “country” is independent or not, then I highly recommend one of my favorite websites on all things geographical–The CIA World Factbook. Just type in a country name and all sorts of information is listed. Go to the Government>Government Type for info on sovereignty.
  3. If you are having difficulties choosing a country then there a few more websites I recommend:
    1. The BBC News Country Profiles weblink is wonderful because not only do you get a listing of countries and territories by region, each country’s page describes history, facts, and current issues.
    2. The Fragile States Index.sponsored by the Fund For Peace, website is an excellent source for identifying whether a country is undergoing a current economic, social, and/or political crisis.
  4. I will allow only three students to pick the same country. First come, first served.

You must choose one current domestic or foreign issue for your selected country. For example, you can choose the on-going Syrian Civil War from a domestic standpoint such as Assad versus rebel forces; however, do not include Russian or United States intervention in the Syrian conflict.

Answer the Following Questions

  1. Which country did you choose. (1 point)
  2. Why did you choose this country? (4 points)
  3. Briefly explain what current domestic or foreign issue you want to write about (10 points)
  4. What sources will you use as references? (5 points)
  5. What must you do in order for the paper to be due by 1 July 2018? Include a brief timeline. (5 points)

(After writing this outline, if you think you can do well on this report, let me know. The final paper would be a maximum of six pages, double-spaced. )

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